"I am proud of my work!"


If you could get back the money for the training within a month would you be interested in studying a new subject?

Learn and get experience by working in the British field which is one of the world best paid job.

Sign up for a month intensive practical training from August 2017 you can expect to be earning twice the amount of your salary

If you answered YES, then here is your chance to join us!

From August you can double your current pay

Our specialists not only teach you how to build walls, roofs and houses but also which building materials, machinery and tools are best and suitable for different purposes

We will teach you the practical and building skills that you need in a month's time by qualified, knowledgeable, and experienced people that are fluent in English, Hungarian and Romanian language

  • Tool knowledge

  • Scaffolding

  • Block laying

  • Structuring designs

  • Material knowledge

  • Health and Safety at work

  • General construction

  • Roof design

  • Effective job completion, qualitative    

  • work practice

  • Professional catches, tricks, so that you  do not make mistakes

Training costs
 for the that month which includes travel, arrangement & accommodation, food, basically we cover for all the living expedites as well as full help and support with the intensive practical and buildings training.


Just learn what you really want and you will soon be able to gain experience and a profitable income

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