Székelydálya  project


Our goal is to create an International constructive site, learning centre and recreational facilities in the rural village of Daia, Harghita, Transylvania, Romania. Here, participants will learn building skills like carpentry, joinery, learn how to do compose boiler and etc. combining traditional and modern methods. Providing platform to learn and exercise their artistic skills, stand up comedy, poetry, photography, and some other talented people to make themself known, to try themselves out on front of smaller audience, to build up confidence, and measure their self on front of smaller audience. Have a chance to meet with other artist and learn from each other.

We want to bring visitors and participants together to exchange skills and experience and to enjoy the experience of life in a small Transylvanian village.


I have the opportunity to travel and learn Transylvanian, Hungarian, Austrian, and Great British, building technology in my life. In addition, I have my grandparents who teach me the great simple technology about carpentry and joinery.

On my way long, I learn simple technologies to take care of materials, and environment.

I know now a day’s not so many people know, How to sharpening a chisel? How to connect the wood to wood? How to care and store properly the materials, how to work and think taking care of materials and environment.

My respect for old technologies, for old people (grandparents), and the necessity of teaching people for ’’ old school’’ caring of materials, respect their own tools, and environment. My determination to do this step is to save for a future a little bit of past.

I have a place, my grandparent’s property, and I am sure, they would bless me to dedicate their heritage, for this THETA thought and project.

THETA- Greek word, represent life force, élan vital, the spirit, the soul.


1)I want the participants to understand the goals and purpose of the Daja project.

2)Participants are required to be committed to the project.

3)Participants are required to be helpful and friendly to the staff and each other.

4)It is important that participants feel comfortable, relaxed and enjoy the process.

5)Participants would see this project as an adventure within a culture of learning.

6)Participants are required to work as part of a team.

7)The project will be very well organized.

8)As well as exchanging skills and work experiences, I want participants to be open to sharing their life experiences.

9)We will ensure that the buildings, courtyards and gardens are maintained to a high standard.

10)Participants will be fully trained.

11) We aim to provide a campsite where visitors/customers are happy and enjoy the experience.

12)The business will be kept up to date with tax affairs.

13)Staff salaries will be monitored.

14)Sponsors will be required to sign a mutually agreeable contract.


Plans include the construction and development of a campsite and small bungalow houses where visitors/customers will be accommodated. The bungalow houses will be a new build in traditional style houses.

We currently have an old wooden barn which requires demolishing and a new one constructed in the same style. It will have the same dimensions , but with a solid wall structure. The interior will be of a wood structure with rafters which we will rebuild underneath a new roof. We plan to salvage many of the old materials and reuse them in the construction. This will show the enduring nature of the natural wood. I want to do this as a mark of respect for my great grandparents who originally built the barn.

The barn will house a restaurant, café bar and library. There will be comfortable seating for relaxing or reading and a communal area for socializing, eating, drinking and holding meetings.

We plan to display photographs and snapshots on the walls of the barn and bungalows to showing historical and current local life. We will also organize photographic exhibitions.

The old family home will require refurbishment and this will house family members and the administration office.

We will construct a workshop for carpentry.

Activities on the campsite will include tennis, table tennis, horse riding and horse and carriage rides.

Eventually, we want to establish a small working farm with horses, cows and chickens.

We will establish and maintain excellent relationships with the local community and attend local events and festivals as representatives of our project and our sponsors.


1)Provide architectural plans (currently being drafted).

2)Complete the purchase of the rest of the land and property of which I currently own a half share.

3)Complete the legal process in regard to documentation.

4)We will secure funding of £1.2 million to spend on the purchase of building materials including blocks, cement and woodworking machinery. We will also purchase tractors, diggers, kitchen equipment and bar equipment as well purchasing some livestock for the farm. A proportion of the funding will be spent on labour costs.

For our partners and sponsors:

They will have the opportunity to promote themselves on our website, our social media pages and in the newspaper. We will negotiate with the Romanian Tourism Ministry with regard to the project and it’s contribution to tourism in the region. Sponsors will be invited to participate in local festivals and major events. During the building of the project, we will take pictures and videos to use for promotional purposes. Sponsors are invited to organize their own film crew to film the project at work, if they so wish.

5)So that we can accommodate the participants who wish to be involved in the early stages of the project, we will start the refurbishment of the administration house and build two of the bungalows.

6)Promote the project to recruit and organize the first small groups from home and abroad to be ready for learning construction skills.

7)Recruit and organize qualified and skilled people to start the building works.

8)Begin this program!


Construction of at least 5 units of bungalow houses;

Construction of sports complex;

Construction socialization and restaurant building;

Construction of children's park;

Construction of swimming pool with side roll;

Landscaping of tennis court yard

We will need two (2) units coasters to haul patrons;

We will need two (2) units off- roads jeeps;

we will need one (1) unit mini backhoe;

we will need one (1) unit mini road grader;

We will need cyclone wires for the fencing of the site;

We will need all sports facilities in the site;

We will need all necessary fixtures and furniture’s;

Landscaping of the site; and

Documentation and consultancy expenses.


All revenue/ income earned be utilized to pay salaries of workers of the camp site;

Any surplus revenue be donated to needy folks at any part of the world according utmost priority;

and remaining revenue be held trust.

Ideal Scenes:

1)-I see this place organised and well maintained all the time. Firstly, with this I want to express my respect towards my great grand parents, grandparents, and my parents. Secondly, to all citizens of Daja village.

Lastly, to the sponsored and people involved on this project, who helped us and put their effort to complete this projects, that we are be very proud of it.

To be proud they are part of this great project.

2)-The whole team, all sponsors, customers, friends and visitors. They still need to respect the rhythms and style of the village.

Living here, or visiting the campsite, they need to respect the village, the people. Everybody, need to take a viewpoint they are part of this place.

The project or participants, they never be broke the quietness or style of the village!

The project needs to be melting into the environment. Buildings need to be like other houses in the village.

Bungalow houses, main house, restaurant and bar are not allowing loud music and parties. Only for events, when the village is taking part of it. However, on this occasion time not exceed the normal human moral and levels.

Valuable Final Products:

-A calm relaxing environment where people can explore ideas, swap experiences and develop on a personal level.

-An enjoyable break from normal routine

-Sponsors will be welcome to spend time with us, interview staff or participants and photograph/film life at the project.

-A creative, productive and happy team who enjoy learning, teaching and exchanging ideas and experiences.

Take a look on pictures and drawings the barn and house.

As you can see the layout of the house barn and gardens.

C 1, and 2 is the main house with extension.

C 3 is the barn there are the other parts from the garden, where we are build the small houses for our public.

Then we have around the village another lands with accumulated size of 6+ hectares where we plan to keep our live stock and so on.

We are dedicated to give this heritage and our work from now onwards for young generation.

Karoly started his life alone in Europe working years out in Hungary then a bit taste of doing style furniture refurbishment, beside Vienna. Now working in England like Site foreman.

Knowing the way how you can realise something from zero and zero knowledge, he wants to bring home his experience and not just that. We going to invite other people like singers, and other public personal for experience exchange. To help our youngsters and our public, to find their way easier on the life.

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