A few words about me. 

My name is Gergely Károly.

I finished my studies at the Gyergyóditró Fine Arts College.

The basics of my profession.

I owe much thanks to my grandparents, I learned professional skills from my grandfather that I still use until this day. I have learned the demanding, precise work as a carpenter from Masters Vince Hernics and Demény Sándor.


During my life, the desire for knowledge and helping others motivated me. What gives uniqueness to my training, is that I came up with a technology that work for efficient work completions.


I am proud that my students give good quality work from the palm of their hands. 


My goal, is that my students can not only provide livelihood for their practical training, but also gain self-confidence and confidence in their skills.

I am pleased to present my professional qualifications in 2017.


Thank you for your attention.


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